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Hillary Clinton Expresses Support for Arts Education at NH Town Hall

Posted on: Jul 29, 2015

On Tuesday, July 28, Hillary Clinton expressed her support for arts education at a town hall meeting in Nashua, New Hampshire. The former Secretary of State and current frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination spoke about education in addition to a range of other issues at the town hall meeting which took place at Amherst Street Elementary School.

Clinton began by saying that standardized testing, while useful as a diagnostic tool for teachers, has taken over too much of the school day in many parts of the country. Elementary education in particular invovled “too much bureaucracy, too much second-guessing and too much testing.” This, she said, comes at the expense of valuable curricula like arts education, physical education, and vocational training. At one point the former First Lady and senator from New York challenged anybody in the audience to prove they had a worse singing voice than her. But she remembered how valuable it was that she had an opportunity to sing in a chorus in school, and how vital that she had a chance to participate in drama and visual arts classes. "But the point is when you remove the arts you really hurt kids who learn that way!"

The audience at the town hall meeting, which was open to the public, cheered and applauded loudly (for sixteen seconds!) when Clinton spoke in support of arts education, and the candidate clearly took notice of the strong support. Watch the portion of the townhall meeting, beginning at 39 minutes and six seconds, where she speaks about #ArtsEd: